Sifting through solutions

S.I.F.T. is a non-profit, student-run organization that provides consulting and product management services. Our members are composed of aspiring leaders majoring in engineering who are interested in pursuing a career in consulting or product management. Our goal is to simulate how a consulting company operates and gain practical skills needed to thrive in the industry.


Our mission

S.I.F.T. is the hub where future leaders and entrepreneurs who strive to make high-impact changes can achieve their full potential through hands-on experiences, mentorship & network opportunities and service to the community.

Project team

Each project will have an interdisciplinary team of consultants and developers with a PM to coordinate the project and an experienced mentor to guide the team.




Project Manager




Junior Analysts

The S.I.F.T. philosophy

We believe in having a continuous improvement attitude: there is always something to improve!


Our consultants are avid leaders looking for problems to solve. In order to get optimal results for our clients, our project managers plan strategies to deliver results within expected deadlines.


As engineers, our members strive for innovative ways of creating solutions. Our organization has the goal of incorporating new ideas into existing methods in order to provide better results.


We understand the importance of incorporating flexibility into our solutions. We bring together members of different backgrounds who add value into defining and creating new possibilities.


Our mission is to incorporate new technologies into not only our own systems, but also into our projects in order to offer our clients the opportunity to maximize their technology uses.

Why S.I.F.T.?

We provide hands-on experiences, expand mentorship & network opportunities while giving back to the society by maximizing the potential of small businesses.

Campus partnerships

Provide network opportunities, know-how exchange through workshops or webinars, well-rounded campus involvement!


Semester membership, advertising benefits, possible access to solutions from semester projects.


Innovative ways to solve and approach consulting services, including a dynamic dashboard.


Establish a community of distinguished students and faculty, plus clients and sponsors.

Real world experience

Experience real responsibilities prior to Senior Design project and/or IPPD.

Stay in touch

Contact us

For questions, comments, or concerns, send our e-board a message.

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