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Potential projects

We will work with you to find and take advantage of opportunities for improvement. 


Use quantitative analysis to acheive sustainable competitive advantage by understanding and communicating the needs and wants of customers. 

Customer satisfaction

Identify and resolve factors affecting customer satisfaction. Potential factors include wait time, ease of completing tasks, and human factors.

New sources of revenue

Develop digital solutions to respond to quickly changing times. Examples include the development of online stores and online training.

Operations research

Apply advanced analytical methods to help make better decisions. Improve the performance of existing systems rather than develop a new system.

Applied statistics

Use statistics to make sales projections, construct profit projections, determine the quality of a product, and conduct market research.

Technology solutions

Create technology solutions to respond to your business needs, including customer relationship management and human resources management.


Project portfolio

View projects S.I.F.T. members worked on in previous semesters. 

Client Project Proposal

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