Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about the organization and our plans for Spring 2021.


S.I.F.T. is a nonprofit, student-run organization that serves as a leadership hub for students to get experience and network. S.I.F.T. stands for strategy, innovation, flexibility, and technology, which describes the type of approach that our organization uses to approach problems in the local and global community. Our main purpose is to provide consulting and product management services pro-bono to businesses in need; this benefits both the student, who gains real-world experience in their field and the business. We also offer premium services at a low cost for more sophisticated projects.

You can join us as a member, mentor, sponsor, client, or partner. For more information, please reach out to us and a S.I.F.T. officer will contact you.

We look for ambitious, passionate students who want to make a difference in the world around them - someone who is not afraid to learn and collaborate outside of a traditional school environment. The club was founded by engineers, and we look for like-minded individuals who strive for problem-solving and hands-on projects. As we expand across campus, new ideas are highly encouraged, and thus the student population involved could become more diverse with it.

Any business that is seeking help in one of the fields we have services is a client we want! We are also open to broadening our services based on the client’s needs and our availability. For more information, please reach out to our President.

Recruiting is held a week before every academic year. Applications will be available on the website, and selected candidates will be called in for interviews before becoming an official member. For more information, please visit the officer information page or feel free to reach out!

As this is a consulting environment working with real businesses, there will be deadlines and project checkpoints. Projects will be doable on your own time, but when collaboration is necessary, it is expected that the member will keep up. There will be a checklist provided of the specific steps required to be considered an active member. It is encouraged that members plan their commitments ahead of time in order to make the most out of this experience. Networking events, workshops, and project brainstorming events will be held during the semester on top of the project responsibilities.

Being a member alone is a great step in leadership within the UF and Gainesville community. However, to get further involved, leadership positions are shown on the officer tab; feel free to reach out to someone for more information on what their specific role is.


The final deliverable consists of a project portfolio including recommended changes/implementations and the research done during the semester-long project. On top of that, the assigned team will give a final presentation showing the team’s conclusions and findings of the project to the respective client during the final week of the expected timeline. This presentation will be followed by a satisfaction & feedback survey, and also a proposal for future projects with the client if requested.

Our timelines are carefully crafted with the addition of some slack time to prevent delays in the project deliverables. In the case of an unexpected delay, the team’s project manager will have a report on the reason for the delay and a calibration meeting with the client will be held as soon as possible in order for deliverables and timelines to be readjusted as desired by the client.

Teams will be assigned based on the analyst’s previous experience, eligibility, and preference. If clients would like to work with members from past projects, they can request team members prior to or during the project evaluation.

If desired/recommended, a S.I.F.T. representative will create a proposal for a Product Management project that will be presented following the final presentation for the Consulting project.

We have both pro-bono, and sponsored projects depending on the complexity and sophistication of the deliverables desired. For more information on services, please fill out a contact request and an officer will contact you.


There are going to be two types of projects and events (both of which allow you to be a fully active member). There will be a project(s) which is completely online and others in a hybrid format: in-person and online. Events for networking will be formatted in a way which finds a balance between an online format and an in-person format.

Depending on the level of comfort expressed by the client and S.I.F.T. members, some client meetings may be in-person, while others will be online via videoconferencing. Each team’s Project Manager will coordinate a communication plan at the beginning of the project to establish how members and clients will connect.