Analysts (upperclassmen) and junior analysts (underclassmen) learn about growing markets and different industries while networking.

Operations Consultants

All of our operations consultants are pursuing a bachelor’s degree in a field they are passionate about. We have a rigid, 2-round recruiting process to select the best minds.

Technology Consultants

All of our technology consultants are pursuing a bachelor’s degree and have an interest in technology development. They complete the same 2-round recruiting process to find students with strong technical and interpersonal skills.

Core values

We seek driven students interested in learning about different industries while expanding their networks.


As a client-faing organization, we expect all members to have a customer-first mindset.


Members need to be good team players and have the ability to assume leadership roles when necessary.


We look for students representing diverse backgrounds to bring unique perspectives to our projects.


Students should be driven to go above and beyond the expectations of others.


Most importantly, members demonstrate passion in their involvement.

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